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Semantic Technologies


Multilingual Implementation


Compare and select triple store or graph database best suiting your business

Benchmarking RDF Triple Stores


Analyse all types of content.

Audit and design

Review querying, navigation, question answering, analytics, discovery, personalization, interoperability, and reuse.Report strong and weak points, opportunities, threats & risks, include recommendations and action points.

Design and implementation of ready to use business ontologies, taxonomies and vocabularies. Quick and accurate integration of legacy taxonomies and vocabularies into semantic formats. Design and implementation of linked data. Transition from single to multiple language environments.

Project services

An experienced project manager will assist you in all stages of your project, to ensure successful implementation. Our services start at drafting the implementation plan for you and translating requirements into data model design and software set up. Depending on your needs, we will help with legacy data import, setting up of interfaces with other systems, quality checks and change management. We will make sure the know how is transferred to you.



We support our software implementation with training tailored to user profiles: data architects, taxonomists; system administrators and content managers. This includes training how to design the data model, how to set up user roles, how to define the workflow, how to analyse the logs, as well as how to use the software on a day to day basis.

We also offer training in semantic technologies.


Transitioning from single to multiple language, international environment ? We help you choose the right strategy: single taxonomy in multiple languages versus multiple, aligned taxonomies. Need to tag content in multiple languages ? Either we already have the linguistic resources you need, or we will implement the language for you.

Services and expertise

Please get in touch with us to see how we can help with projects related to semantic technology, deep learning or graph databases.