Intelligent Taxonomy Manager (ITM)


Drive Informed Decisions with Complete Knowledge and Confidence

With ITM, you can excel at managing evolving knowledge by providing flexibility for existing and new data, and modeling the entities, relationships and properties needed to meet growing business challenges.

Control and Open Access to Your Data

Traditional data systems struggle to capture context, leading to challenges in mastering data, incorporating new sources, and generating trust.

  • Stop wasting time building and searching for reference data

  • Create a single source of truth for your teams, partners, and customers


  • Start simple and ramp up to more complex data representations to meet new challenges as they arise

Easy, Intuitive, and Powerful Taxonomy Management

International By Design

ITM can handle any language and any character set

Easy to use

  • Track activity through interactive dashboards with quick links.
  • View your data the way you want to see it: in tabular, tree-based, or graphical views.
  • Get guidance for various tasks such as creating, importing, and exporting data.
  • In-app help embedded tooltips, help panels with quick search, and guided tours.

Multiple export and import capabilities

Works with all major standards: CSV, Excel, OWL, RDF, XML, SKOS, RDF/XML, N-Triples, Turtle, N3, JSON-LD, and RDF/JSON

Built-in data improvement

Manage candidate terms and suggestions to improve the context and depth of your data

Security and Audit Controls Built-In

Fine grained access rights

  • Define profiles for Admin, Editor and Reader roles.
  • Create workspaces for models and data 
  • Assign roles for each workspace
  • Access rights management also integrates with your corporate IAM

Track and Alert

  • Monitor atomic changes via Audit trail 
  • Audit Logs API & Webhooks
  • Automatically trigger alerts and actions based on events


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