Professional Services

Elevate your software deployment to new heights with our professional services

We guide you through industry best practices and offer valuable advice to help deliver your projects on time and unlock the full potential of your solution. Your implementation is not only faster but also smarter and better.

Want to discuss our professional services to shape a successful future for your projects?

Our comprehensive suite of services covers a wide spectrum. 

Here are some of the things we can do for you:

Knowledge Curation
  • Data maturity assessment
  • Data ETL
  • LOD scraping
  • Terminology extraction
Training Programs
  • Data modeling
  • Semantic standards 
  • Integration with search
AI Improvements
  • Customized NLP/NLU software 
  • Connectors to Open source & 3rd party models
Graph DB Benchmark
  • Critical features
  • Load tests
  • Fitness for purpose