Semantic Technology and Analytics

Self Service Analytics

Data governance protects users from irrelevant or inappropriate data and guides them towards the right data.

See how Intelligent Topic Manager can support your self service analytics initiative.


Enhance Search

We take care of synonyms, terms variations, misspellings… One query, regardless of the number of languages ! Semantic search discovers query meaning – answers questions.Faceted search lets you access and filter information organized into multiple explicit dimensions.

Add New Dimensions

Identify, extract and categorize information hidden inside unstructured data. Use it as new analytical dimensions. Example: location names, identified within data, unknown beforehand.

Discover Hidden Information

Discover hidden information. Semantic reasoning engine analyses relationships between entities, concepts and factsIt makes hidden knowledge available.  Example: Detecting an incoming crisis through complex weak signals in social media.

Improve Comparisons

Align heterogeneous dimensions and measures for better comparisons. Data coding / classification rules vary between organization, countries, sources. Our software alignment of multiple rules and terminologies helps make comparisons meaningful.


Link With External Data

Link and synchronize with external data. Bring more dimensions and measures into the analysis. Example:analyst identifies a set of location names. The administrative area they belong to is a new dimension, brought in through linked data.


Query In Business Terms

Let the user formulate the query in business terms. The semantic software will translate and disambiguate the query, then let the systems find relevant data.

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