Content Auto-tagging Manager

Discover meaningful elements of content


Analyse all types of content


Discover meaningful items

Create Metadata

Data driven content strategy


Share and publish

Create relevant metadata based on your business vocabularies and rules.

Tag all types of content: text, images, videos, voice, structured and semi-structured data.

Multimedia content tagging

Relevant, reliable and discriminating tags are vital for information retrieval. Content Annotation Manager intelligently tags images, audio and video.

We work with Alchemy, Clairfai and Vecsys APIs.

Rule based or statistical classification

Both rule based or machine learning based tagging methods are available with our software. Mondeca professional services team works with the customer to determine which approach is the best. We implement Facebook Research fastText and Google’s SyntaxNet

Content is king

“Content is King” was a prediction nearly two decades ago. And it has never been so true. Whatever your industry, you need to supply information in a variety of forms and languages, to a growing variety of audiences. You need the automation and speed to support smart tagging processes.
CA Manager helps you in that respect – it makes sense of content – not just for human consumption – it also makes it machine-readable so you can derive additional intelligence and actionable analytics from it.


Connect to content

Content Annotation Manager input interfaces with unstructured, semi-structured and unstructured content. Connect with business application, content and document management systems, traditional media, social media and more … Latin, Arabic, Chinese and Cyryllic character sets. More than 50 languages supported.

Discover meaningful items

Discover named entities and ontology concepts. Identify not onlyplaces, companies, organizations, people but also terms specific to your business. Content Annotation Manager ships with Gate, a leading open source text mining tool. Use Gate or plug in the text analytics engine of your choice. Content Annotation Manager is based on the Apache UIMA framework.


Create intelligent metadata

Automatically create intelligent, context aware tag. Categorize content using built-on taxonomy and rule based classification engine. Content Annotation Manager ships with semantic relevancy scoring and inference engines. Create normalized, business relevant metadata.

Share and publish metadata

Content Augmentation Manager integrates in workflows through a variety of interfaces. Export enriched data using native RDF format. Deliver metadata to business applications through our API. Enrich you digital asset and or content management systems using built-in connectors. Populate and update search engine indexes with native interfaces to SolR and ElasticSearch. Share intelligent, secure and controlled metadata. Improve content findability

Monitor metadata quality

This is your tool to monitor, analyze and quality check the tagging process. For a single document, it will tell you what taxonomies and vocabularies were used, how many tags have been created, source, inferred or rule based. Search for tags in the document, sorting by relevance, reviewing logs, adjusting the tagging from a single place. Search through document set to check tagging consistency.

See how auto-tagging leverages taxonomies to help identify and score the most relevant tags, i.e. tell you what the content is really about.

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