Data Pipe

Connect to content

Connect Sources

Access external data


Split into meaningful content units


Add metadata


Deliver to target systems

Data Pipe ensures seamless flow of information from source, through the enrichment process, towards consuming applications.  It is the communication channel for structured or unstructured, stream or static data and content.  Smart Content Factory modules communicate through Data Pipe.

Connect to sources

Data Pipe native connectors let you access social media streams, news feeds, internet search results, internal or cloud based customer feedback stores like Zendesk, ERP’s, RDF triple stores, flat files and others.

Split into meaningful content units

Data Pipe will split information into content units which make sense to people and/or consuming applications.


The most important data pipe step: add relevant, intelligent metadata. Map between different data stores. Aggregate into meaningful content units.

Deliver to target systems

Deliver enriched, augmented and restructured items to enterprise applications. Data Pipe feeds your content management systems, search engines like Solr or ElasticSearch, triple store, graph and sql databases

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