About GogoSqueeZ

GoGo squeeZ is a brand of applesauce on the go sold in resealable pouches, distributed in North America. It is manufactured by French applesauce and fruit spread maker Materne.


Monitor and react to consumer feedback as soon as possible.

GoGo squeeZ receives a large volume of consumer feedback through social media and it’s consumer care center. The consumer feedback is processed to detect it’s meaning, identify what requires immediate attention, deliver standard management reporting and enable in depth analytics.

Multiple dimensions are used to categorize the feedback: product characteristics, packaging, level of satisfaction, dietary requirements …just to mention a few. The consumer created content is also ranked depending on the level of attention required. Items requiring immediate attention are flagged as such and routed to managers for action.

Instead of having separate and divergent tools, one for each data source, the feedback is monitored, reported and analyzed using a company wide set of terms, concepts, metrics and standardized dashboards.

GoGo squeeZ products are sold worldwide. Regardless of the country, language, brand name, social media and consumer care center software, the consumer feedback view is shared by the entire organization. The key success factor is a multiple language implementation of a single taxonomy.

GoGo squeeZ approach breaks the usual information silo barriers between countries, languages, systems and departments.

The time factor is essential for GoGo squeeZ. The feedback is monitored on a near real time basis, dashboards are always fresh and …what needs immediate attention is immediately brought to attention.


Timely, exhaustive and meaningful monitoring of consumer feedback.


We use ITM to manage the vocabulary and the taxonomy of consumer feedback content. The flow of feedback was tagged and categorized by CAM – Mondeca’s semantic tagging software. Information is stored in ElasticSearch indexes. Dashboards and in depth analytics layer is based on Zoomdata technology.

Meaningful & Accurate


Standardized Dashboards


Real Time Categorization

Customer Content Items a Day