ITM Graph

Beyond taxonomy management

  • Govern your metadata and make the most of your content to reduce project lead time
  • Empower your taxonomists, business users and data scientists with knowledge graphs at a scale

What can you do with ITM Graph



Make data a shared business asset

Break down silos through sharing and serving definitions and descriptions


Support your data science and AI teams

Create, update and make available the data stuctures used by AI algorithms


Build and manage your knowledge graph

 Manage industry scale multlingual knowledge graphs


Create your metadata repository

Store information about data, beyond simple defnitions, in a shared repository



From simple hierarchial product structure to complex systems describing products, their properties, variants, accessories, related standards and relationships with e-commerce data structures.


Health care

Create, manage and publish health terminologies.  Translate and align multiple terminologies. Serve common terminologies to applications.


Media and publishing

ITM Graph will help you determine which content to serve to whom, categorize and target right audience



Organize the knowledge about products, processes, documentation, standards and client feedback


Banking and finance

Knowledge graphs for compliance and documentation retrieval. Integration of taxonomy with internal datasets

Data extraction drawing

Now anyone can access enterprise wide terminology

ITM Graph makes it easy to everyone to access shared terms definitions.  You do not need to be a taxonomist, nor do you even need to login into ITM Graph  – use the terminology browser or the plugin to your favorite authoring tool.

Easy integration and onboarding

Designed for developers and architects with state of the art REST and GraphQL APIs  Easy technical onboarding with SwaggerUI and GraphiQL Modular architecture : connect your system to the message queue or subscribe to webhooks. Seamless connection to your identity management layer.


Data extraction drawing

State of the art technology behind the scene

ITM Graph data are stored within JanusGraph massively scalable database. JanusGraph is optimized for storing and querying graphs containing hundreds of billions of vertices and edges distributed across a multi-machine cluster. ITM Graph accesses data through the modern and widely used Apache TinkerPop  graph processing framework.


Easy for end users

Designed  with the easiest to climb learning curve. Modern user interface, no need to learn abstract concepts.


Powerful search

The intelligent search box is always present, powered by Elastic engine.



Designed for global organizations – works in any language


With ITM Graph, modelling, managing and implementing your knowledge graph has never been easier. We made it possible for everyone, not only a niche public, to access enterprise wide data assess: ontologies, taxonomies and vocabularies. Our simple and intuitive user interface let’s you understand the data and it’s constraints at a glance.

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