Intelligent Taxonomy Manager

Taxonomy management software


Capture your term and concepts


Metadata management


Share, deliver and distribute the taxonomy

A complete taxonomy management system and metadata repository

Handle content with complex internal structure

Share consistent taxonomies, vocabularies and metadata

Linked data feature

Use links to external sources, Dbpedia, Geonames, Linked Open Vocabularies, to ensure complete andĀ up to date definitions of terms in your taxonomy

Your data is invaluable

Whether you are maintaining a simple flat list of terms or a full-blown ontology, you need tooling to support effective data management, regardless of data formats and languages, regardless of volumes and complexity of the data model.
With ITM you can ramp up quickly and also stay the distance when things get harder.
You can tailor your data so that it specifically fits your domain or industry.
And down the line ITM will help you multiply the value of your data by placing it at the heart of your enterprise information system.


Business glossary

Input data in any standard knowledge representation format. ITM ingests taxonomies and vocabularies from Excel, XML, RDF, SKOS and Topic Maps. We make sure that all the work you have done on your business terms and concepts will never be lost. We will get information from search engine logs, text extraction tools.
We include a data validation engine will help you with data consistency issues as well as a set of features for candidate terms management.

Manage and maintain

ITM concept descriptions are complete and extensible. We handle multiple classes of concepts, each with it’s own set of attributes, relationships and constraints. You can manage multiple association types, including synonyms, BT/NT; RT/RT, and any semantic association defined in your data model.
Standard taxonomy management operations like merging concepts, moving a branch, copying and pasting are easy.
ITM can manage multiple taxonomies. We help with alignement/mapping of your taxonomy with your business partner’s or standard taxonomies. Tools to manage translation relationships between terms in multiple languages are included.
ITM ships with taxonomy maintenance tools: visualisation of hierarchies and relationships, extended search functions, including multiple taxonomy search, built-in quality assurance engine. We know the taxonomy is live and support references changing over time. We link and synchronize with external data.

Share and deliver

Share with your team: ITM ships with full set of management features,including one click access to terms definitions. To share outside ITM users community, easily export to Excel or other office tools. Search and read-only interfaces will let you share with internal and external users.
Distribute and deliver the taxonomy using all standard formats:XML, RDF, SKOS, and Topic Maps.
For instant delivery to entreprise applications, use our robust APIs. See how objects relate using our graphs interface.

Know your data lineage

We let you know the origin of the data, its origin, its changes over time and transformations.
With our embedded analytics, you instantly know how your taxonomy is used. Identify what matters, visualize and share information.

Sharepoint Termstore

Our advanced TermStore connector synchronizes ITM with TermStore. Hierarchies of terms, synonyms and different language variants defined in ITM are available in TermStore upon a push button or fully automatic synchronization. What needs to be synchronized with TermStore is defined in ITM – therefore information which should be available in TermStore is automatically transmitted and the one which should remain private remains in ITM alone.

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