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The National Geographic Society is one of the largest nonprofit scientific and educational institutions in the world. Its interests include geography, archaeology and natural science, the promotion of environmental and historical conservation, and the study of world culture and history.

National Geographic Partners, a joint venture with 21st Century Fox, is the global leader in non-fiction entertainment. It comprises television channels, magazines, studios, digital and social media platforms, books, maps, children’s media and ancillary activities. National Geographic Partners extends the mission of the National Geographic Society with a portion of its proceeds used to fund science, exploration, conservation, and education.

Case study

National Geographic uses Mondeca ITM to manage the taxonomy and serve it to internal clients through a business layer webservice, which is integrated into a growing number of their content management systems.

CAM, Mondeca’s auto-tagging system, delivers meaningful metadata to National Geographic’s content management systems, as well as extracting promising candidate entities. Mondeca also allow users in the various client systems to post candidates through the Web services and add it to the ITM candidate queue, where they are reviewed, and if appropriate, added to taxonomy.

Taxonomy management is a key enabler for aggregation of all content related to a specific topic, such as geographic collocation of content, as well as for enhanced search.

The system, originally implemented to manage English language taxonomy and tagging, is currently transitioning to a multiple language environment to support global business needs.

“Speaking the same language around our content is the foundation of our digital platforms.”

Monica Fulvio

Senior Taxonomist, National Geographic Partners


National Geographic’s goal was to be able to find, track, and present relevant content, across systems, media types, and languages. To accomplish this, they established a single descriptive taxonomy, including a topical hierarchy; locations hierarchy supporting official geographic policies; and an authority list of persons, including National Geographic explorers.
They also are formalizing knowledge around areas of expertise as ontologies, centrally managed in ITM.


National Geographic has implemented both central taxonomy management and the auto-tagging service into its systems, allowing content to flow readily between systems and platforms. Their animal ontology data drive animal reference pages which account for 20% of organic search traffic. Topically-based ad targeting is made consistent across platforms by using the same taxonomy.


Centrally managed taxonomy using ITM. Auto-tagging of content using CAM. Bi-directional communication with various content management systems through an API layer.

Shared Taxonomy Service


AEM, Brightspot, Django, WordPress connected

Real time and bulk content tagging