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Suite of mature, comprehensive semantic tools.

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Advanced use of semantic technologies.

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Business specific solutions for media, finance and consumer goods.

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Our Story

Mondeca has over 15 years of successful delivery to major customers in Europe and North America. We developed a pragmatic implementation methodology and accumulated substantial know-how in the key aspects of semantic technology implementation: ontology modeling, scalable ontology and taxonomy management, terminology alignment, reasoning, text mining, and search engines. This know-how is unique in Europe and one of the richest in the world.

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Stephane Senkowski

Stephane Senkowski


Christophe Prigent

Christophe Prigent


François Thibault

François Thibault

Sales Director, International

Research & development

Our areas of interest: smart data, big data visualisation, content analytics, thesaurus & ontology, deep learning

Please come and visit our sandbox: Mondeca Labs.

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