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Trust the experts

Mondeca is a leading expert in data modelling and enrichment with a 15 years experience in the Artificial Intelligence field.  Mondeca helped defining semantic technologies standards and has been working ever since to make these technologies available to businesses. Our software includes taxonomy management systems, content enrichment systems, text analytics and semantic enhancements to search engines.

Put your data to work !

Mondeca provides you with comprehensive solutions for each step of you data processing chain: knowledge modelling, multimedia content tagging, classification, analytics & alerting. Mine, connect, organize, publish and search your data in the most efficient way with Mondeca’s solutions.


Need a hand ?

We are not just selling software. We assist you with your transformation projects and propose the latest technologies wether linked open data, graph databases, search portals. We have expertise with clients from the industry, media, public and health sectors.

Our customers

Please get in touch with us to see how we can help with taxonomy management, metadata management, content tagging, semantic technology projects, deep learning or graph databases.