Knowledge Browser


Reference Data Available to Anyone

Innovative web-based portal designed to cater to the data publication and dissemination needs of read-only audiences

Access and Explore Key Information

The portal provides an easy-to-use browsing experience that allows intuitive navigation through flat lists, hierarchical trees, or graph-based representations.

Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Users can download data, make suggestions for improvement, subscribe to notifications and ask questions. 

KB adheres to industry standards for data exchange via HTTP REST web services for tight integration with information systems in place.

Enhanced Search

Provides users with simple search options, including intelligent features such as case and accent sensitivity, language preferences, and auto-suggestion.

In addition, KB provides advanced multi-criteria filtering capabilities, allowing users to refine search results based on specific terminology and languages.

Drive Discovery

Finding relevant information is made easy with KB’s ability to sort search results by relevance and refine them using flat and hierarchical facets. The portal also offers a configurable home page for quick access to predefined data sets, while graph-based visualization helps explore and understand complex data relationships.


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