Product Integrations

Mondeca Autotag add-on for SharePoint

Auto-tagging made easy via SharePoint Automate feature. Select a document and simply requests for tags using Mondeca Autotag!

MS Word logo

Mondeca KB add-on for Word

Connect to your KB when using Word, find useful information in your knowledge base to perfect your reports!

Drupal logo

Mondeca KB add-on for Drupal

Integrates with the KB API to display term definitions into your node contents. When a KB tag is inserted into a text in a format supporting the tag, it is displayed as an infobox using core javascript libraries.

Built in Machine Learning Libraries

Leverage CAM’s built-in open-source ML libraries when web-based ML APIs are not ideal for your use case.


CAM Connectors

    • Fluree Core
    • Microsoft SharePoint Online (CAM Autotag SPO add-in, CAM Document Repository connector)
    • Clarifai
    • Googlespeech
    • OpenText Content Server
    • SolR
    • ElasticSearch

    ITM Connectors

      • Fluree Core
      • Microsoft SharePoint Online Term Store
      • RDF Stores
        • FTP, SFTP
        • MongoDB
        • RDF store
        • Shared file folder
        • OpenAI (ChatGPT)
        • AWS SageMaker
        • AWS S3
        • Git

        Key Benefits

        Cost Efficiency 

        Keep control over your infrastructure costs without being tied to a subscription model.


        Customization and Control 

        Fine-tune algorithms, parameters, and preprocessing steps to better suit your specific use case



        Scale your ML models and infrastructure according to your organization’s needs. You’re not constrained by API rate limits or pricing tiers, which can be limiting in high-demand situations.


        Long-Term Availability 

        Keep control over the stability and availability of the tools you’re using.


        Regulatory Compliance

        Using local ML libraries provides better compliance control, as data doesn’t leave your infrastructure.

        Privacy and Data Security 

        Process your data locally, reducing the risk of data exposure.


        Performance and Latency 

        Reach faster processing times compared to sending data over the internet to an external API.


        Integration and Compatibility 

        Built-in libraries are seamlessly integrated into CAM workflows, behind one single API.


        Batch Processing and Large Datasets

        Be more efficient and cost-effective for tasks that involve processing large datasets or performing batch operations.


        Learning and Skill Development 

        Encourage your developers and data scientists to learn more about the underlying algorithms and techniques for a deeper understanding of ML concepts and better problem-solving skills.