Empower your business with taxonomy and ontology management software

Connect auto-tagging that works for your digital media assets


Data-model driven approach from simple flat lists to complex knowledge graphs. GUI & APIs dynamically adapt to standard and business-specific data

Content tagging

Combines best-of-breed NLP and Machine Learning fueled with taxonomies stored in Mondeca and any SKOS-based dictionary to deliver relevant tags.

Knowledge graph

Publish your taxonomies to let your clients search & browse your data. Combines the powers of a graph database and a search engine index in the backend.

Enhance your content management system with best of class taxonomy management


Microsoft SharePoint Term Store

Update taxonomies in Term Store directly from ITM, using the Synchronize Term Store action

Microsoft SharePoint Auto-tagging

Add a document to the SharePoint Documents section and trigger the CAM AutoTag flow to auto fill the Tags section in SharePoint.

Microsoft Word

Let users look up your taxonomies from within MS WORD and copy useful information using the Mondeca ITM add-in.

Microsoft Exchange Online

Extract mail attachments and mail body, split mails in a thread to auto-tag them in CAM.


Categorize and annotate Drupal content

Open Text

Update file categories in an OpenText Content Server instance using CAM


Simple but efficient tagging of WordPress documents

Categorize and analyze user generated content

Easily collect and analyze user generated content from social media, e-commerce reviews or user support systems. Detect what is significant for your business: named entities, relationships, attitudes and sentiments. Process the content as appropriate.

Helpdesk tickets

Get Zendesk tickets and comments to process them in CAM

Amazon consumer reviews

Gather, tag and analyze Amazon consumer reviews and ratings

Social media

Get Facebook posts and comments to auto-tag them in CAM


Extract web content with Scrapinghub tool and tag it with CAM

Automatically tag images, videos and speech

Tag all your digital assets

Image and video tagging

Tag images and videos using our Clairfai API connector

Speech to text

Use our connectors to Speechmatics and Google Speech


Graph databases

Connectors to Neo4j and native RDF databases

Document dabases

Retrieve and enrich MondoDB content

Connect to search engine: Elasticsearch and Solr

Enhance your search engine performance and improve findability of results


Content tagging

Discovering concepts, named entities, relationships

CMS Integration

Integration of content tagging with NPR CMS

Vague or factual

Think this news if fake ? First check if it is vague or factual.

Working with CAM

Semantic tagging with CAM – see the user interface

Empower taxonomists, business users and data scientists with knowledge graphs at a scale

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