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Add business meaning to make content findable and query friendly
Unlock insight into your unstructured content
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Capture and secure key enterprise metadata
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Semantic technology for business problems

For more than twenty years we have helped organizations across the private, public and academic sectors benefit from Semantic Technologies. The goal of Semantic Technology is to make computer systems understand content like text, voice, image or video. Our products help maintain meaningful business data, manage enterprise taxonomy,categorize content, define its subjects, discover items of interests, identify relationships and much more.

Problems we help solve

Improve content findability

Match content DNA with users’ language and guide them to the relevant information

Maximize content value

Control content DNA to make it queryable, enable repurposing for different audiences

Change data into knowledge graph

Model data, metadata and crosswalks within or across data sets, make easy-to-query data

Improve data quality

Surface new data from content, facilitate approval and promotion to knowledge

Build domain-specific taxonomy

Scrape and reuse open data, avoid maintaining data maintained by others

Vague or Factual

Check if content is vague or factual.

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Let's get started

It is not only having the business data – it’s defining ways to use it so that problems can be successfully resolved. We work closely with you to ensure that taxonomies and semantic analysis will support intended use cases. We support and train your business and IT teams throughout the deployment and integration processes to make them totally autonomous.

Content auto-tagging

See Mondeca content tagging tool at work


Use Mondeca’s CAM to track news alerts, client feedbacks, regulatory changes and other items of importance

Precision in targeted alerts

Identify high level topics in long texts to direct content to the right person, department or organization

Context-based ad targeting

Map content to targeted audiences by combining taxonomies and precise semantic rules

Intelligent e-mail processing

Understand incoming e-mail content, categorize and route to the right recipients


Maintain and synchronize ontologies used as knowledge bases to track topics or entities of interest in the development of domain-driven conversational systems

Understand voice of customers

Detect and score important messages from a mass of user generated content

Efficiency in content syndication

Produce relevancy scores for every single tag to further boost precision in search results when dealing with content expressing multiple subjects

Mondeca’s products


Intelligent Taxonomy Manager

Software for taxonomy, knowledge, data governance and AI program managers.

An enterprise grade taxonomy software and metadata repository.

Build, manage and synchronize your business data, in any language.

Built-in semantic data model management

Define any type of data, attributes and relationships that support your business objectives.



Content Auto-tagging Manager

Helps metadata and media managers generate smart tags.

Best-of-breed approach

Multiple simultaneous tagging techniques: linguistic/semantic analysis, rule-based classification and machine learning!

Insight into unstructured content

Extract business specific information from text, image, video and voice. Multiple languages supported.



Knowledge Browser

Easy access to your knowledge graph, for everyone!

The power of search over a graph database.

Browse through your knowledge graph or through your taxonomies with a user-friendly search and graph visualizations.

A web portal and a REST web service.

Open your knowledge and expose valid and persistent enterprise data to a large number of users and to systems in place.


Our keywords

Business specific taxonomy
Controlled vocabulary
Glossary, thesaurus
Knowledge graph
Multilingual taxonomy
Semantic data model
Content tagging
Document clustering
Inferred tags
Machine learning
Named entity
Natural language
Part-of-speech tagging
Text analytics
Browse taxonomy
Faceted search
Full text search
Graph database
Knowledge graph browsing
Navigate through taxonomy
Semantic query
Taxonomy publication
Taxonomy visualization
Terminology publication

The people we work for

We work for a broad range of people. They are information managers, business managers or civil servants. We work for clients who have in-depth knowledge of technology, we work for people focused on business issues only. We learn a lot from all of them.

Analytics Manager
Chief Content Officer
Content Architect
Digital Experience Manager
Digital Transformation Leader
Knowledge Manager
Library & Taxonomy Manager
Metadata Manager
Product Metadata Manager
Sharepoint Consultant
Taxonomy Specialist
VP Content Strategy
VP Business Intelligence
VP Data And Analytics

Analytics Manager

Chief Content Officer

Digital Experience Manager

Knowledge Manager

Metadata Team Manager


Product Metadata Manager

Sharepoint Consultant

Taxonomy Manager

VP, Business Intelligence

VP, Data & Analytics

Featured project

City of Toronto Enterprise Classification

Search and analytics for employees and general public

The project

The City of Toronto has identified the need for an Enterprise Classification solution to support improved central data management, semantic tagging and classification of content, as well as dynamic integration of the City controlled vocabularies with the enterprise platforms in place. Based on the use cases and requirements Mondeca provides the City with the Intelligent Taxonomy Manager (ITM), Content Autotagging Manager (CA Manager) and Knowledge Browser (KB) as on-premises solutions together with APIs and web services to support tight integration with existing information systems. The goal of this project is to make City of Toronto content more searchable and improve the analytical capabilities for both City’s employees and the general public.

Featured project

Immediate access to a wealth of standards

Going beyond simply accessing documents

Association Française de Normalisation (AFNOR) is the French national organization for standardization and its International Organization for Standardization member body

To facilitate access to relevant standards AFNOR has chosen the Mondeca solution.

The new CObaz platform solution allows:

  • to identify the different standards to distinguish those which must be mry  from those which are not relevant
  • to highlight terms that have a specific definition and display it by simply hovering over the text
  • to navigate  the knowledge base by the hyperlinks affixed to references documents
  • to display links as dynamic graphs

The CObaz is the first solution in the world to offer these possibilities, facilitating the understanding and use of the content of the standards and regulations.

Please get in touch with us to see how we can help with taxonomy management, metadata management, content tagging, semantic technology projects, deep learning or graph databases.

Why Mondeca ?

Making decision Person looking at a checklist


Made from loosely coupled components with specific/dedicated functions


Supports horizontal/vertical scaling – deploy in a high-availability environment to support heavy workloads and throughput

Data model driven

Designed to support any type of business data, in any character set or language


Highly configurable and parameterizable


Browser-based software designed for collaboration with fine access permissions

User experience

Capable of exposing the same value in both its UIs and APIs

Featured project

New South Wales Ministry of Health
Ontology and auto-classification

Improved search experience for citizens using NSW health public websites

Why Mondeca

The NSW Ministry of Health needed an ontology management and auto-classification solution to improve users’ search experience on its website throught the use of relevant tags. Mondeca supports these use cases and requirements by providing the NSW Ministry of Health with ITM and CAM as a cloud-based service together with APIs and web services to support tight integration with the content database and search engine in place. An important feature is our ability to support multiple medical terminologies like ICD10 or SNOMED and crosswalks between them.

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