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Mondeca professional services help you deploy our software faster, smarter and better. We share with you the best practices and advice that let’s you deliver the project on time and leverage the full potential of the solution. We will walk the extra mile with you to respond to new clients requirements and use cases.

Mondeca provides a wide range of services such as data maturity assessment, data modeling/transformation/migration, terminology extraction from content, development of bespoke NLP/NLU software and custom connectors to content-centric applications. We also help our clients ramp up with semantic standards through product and industry-related training programs.


Proof of Concept

Build confidence, plan and evaluate risks

Identify critical use cases, experiment and explore. Establish the confidence, verify feasibility and the fit with critical requirements.



Design the solution and plan the implementation

Design the functional and technical architecture.
Set up implementation and quality plan. Determine metrics.



Execute the project and migrate to new platform

Execute plans, monitor risks, deviation and performance metrics. Move to production phase. Deliver the training


Run & Optimize

Operate the platform
Optimize & enhance

Achieve stability. Transition to operational support. Identify enhancements, check if requirements are met.

Our team


We managed implementation projects in multiple organizations, public and private. Consultants experience covers various domains: media companies, local and national government organizations, consumer goods industry, insurance and the health sector. The size and the complexity of project ranges from standalone taxonomy management implementation to complex projects including development of business specific applications and interfacing with a large number of client systems. This experience of best practices and pitfalls to avoid is shared with clients and is a key to the success of the engagement.

Our consultants are fully trained professionals. They have an in-depth knowledge of our software and are continuously involved in product development. They have a broad knowledge of underlying concepts, architectures and technologies. The typical consultant profile includes a degree in engineering, followed by education in the field of natural language understanding and/or knowledge management


International footprint

We successfully planned and executed implementation projects across the world. From the proof of concept to the production phase we worked with clients in several European countries, United States, Canada and Australia. In most cases, we know how to blend with the client ways of working, how to manage a time zone difference, how to efficiently work remotely and when it is the right time for an on site visit. And we are always happy to discover new people, new places and a different culture.

Advisory & consulting services

Examples of engagements where we brought our expertise in semantic technologies


Opportunity & feasibility Proofs of concept

Can the semantic technology solve a business problem ? How to implement it ? Assess the readiness, feasibility, risks and success factors. How to define a proof of concept and measure the outcome.

Comparative benchmarking

Comparison of natural language services by Amazon, Google, iBM and Microsoft. Requirements oriented review, helps choose the service meeting business case. The full text is downloadable  here.


New technology assessment

Amazon Neptune review and performance benchmark. Performance assessment of high complexity queries on a very large real data set. Published as posts on  Mondeca blog (in French).

Social media crisis assistance

First, classify a large volume of Facebook posts, letting the client prepare the response. Then identify the technological root cause of crisis resurgences and resolve the issue. Time was the essence.

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